The Most Beautiful State

Nicknames Of Alabama

Yellowhammer State is a state in the United States. That, my friends, is Alabama! The state bird has given rise to this nickname. The Northern Flicker, also known as the Yellowhammer, is a woodpecker with yellow undertail feathers.

Snails abound in Alabama

Snails come in a wide variety of varieties! Among these snails are freshwater snails, land snails, and sea snails. What’s so appealing about these adorable shelled creatures? A whopping 43% of the country’s snail species can be found in the state of Alabama alone!

All-Water Mail Route

In Magnolia Springs, Alabama, all of the mail is delivered by riverboat. Only one water-based mail route remains in all of the continental U.s.. That’s a really cool idea! The world’s largest office chair can be found in Aniston, Alabama.