A trash container should be used to dispose of waste from bathrooms.

It is best to blow or sweep fertiliser that has accumulated on pavement back in to grass. Prior to a rainstorm, avoid fertilising your lawn. Storm drains & rivers will be contaminated by the chemicals.

Mulching or composting grass or compost is possible. Keep it in your yard if you’re unable to decompose it. Blowing leaves into the street is a bad idea. This causes storm drains to become clogged and damaged.

Wash your car or camping gear in a rocky but rather grassy area rather than on the street.

Lubricating oil should not be flushed down the drain. Visit your local car parts store to get it repaired. Please take advantage of this opportunity!

Never use a hose to clean up a spill in a drainage pipe. Make use of bedding, sand, or other absorbent materials to cover the spill. Vacuum it up and toss it in a trash can once the liquid has solidified.